FAQ – Console Cursors

After switching to cursor control, all Canvas input is disabled

Check for any EventSystems in your scene that aren’t part of the CursorControl prefab. Your EventSystem is most likely being overwritten by another EventSystem component.

The cursor is huge not showing in the frame of the camera, even though the cursor is moving normally.

Your camera projection has to be set to “Orthographic” instead of “Perspective.” This is also the only way tooltips will work.

My Image UGUI Element isn’t detecting the controller input. Why?

Some version of Unity, like 2019, have different rules for UI Handlers. Add a Button component to your image and use the “OnClick” event attached instead.

My cursor isn’t detecting my buttons but my mouse is. Why?

On the CursorControl game object, make sure you have both the Render Camera variable on the canvas component and the Camera Main variable on the CursorController component assigned to the same camera.

Can I rename child objects of the cursors?

NO, do not rename child elements as the Animator accesses them by name.

Can I modify the animations of each cursor without affecting the others?

Yes! Each cursor has it’s own Animator so you can modify all of them without having any overlap.

Do all UGUI Elements have compatibility?

Currently, Console Cursors is not designed to interact with all forms of UGUI elements. Buttons are the only tested element.

Do I need coding experience to use Console Cursors?

CC is designed for ease of use and for developers who don’t have coding experience. You can easily implement CC into your game in minutes without touching a single line of code.

Can I use my own EventSystem Component?

Console Cursors uses its own EventSystem component control to allow dynamic input device detection, so it’s highly recommended to NOT use your own.

What Canvas types are supported?

NOT SUPPORTED: Screen Space – Overlay
SUPPORTED: Screen Space – Camera
SUPPORTED: World Space

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