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See product-specific end-user licensing conditions on (in addition to the content and indications above). Unless otherwise stated, each product license can only be loaded onto a single license server or appliance instance. With respect to control under the terms of the end-user licence, excessive use of the license is determined on the basis of the provision of advanced licenses and is charged at the sale price of the licenses proposed at the time by Citrix and the maintenance of those licenses (for the shorter duration of excessive use or two years). Fees may be charged for additional findings and review fees. For the purchase of a trade-up or product upgrades or your implementation of a product version with new maintenance product licenses, you can benefit from an additional 90 days to execute your new and old production product licenses. This period extends from the purchase of the trade-up or the upgrade and download of the new version under your maintenance program. They agree to destroy old licenses and not keep copies when the extra time expires. Some products contain a licensed overdraft feature that allows you to use a limited number of additional licenses to avoid denial of access. Each overdraft feature is offered as a convenience, not as a license. All overdraft licenses used must be acquired within 30 days of first use. Citrix reserves the right to remove the collection functions in new versions of the product.

See software maintenance descriptions under For out-of-date maintenance, restoration and restoration costs may be incurred. Upgrades between maintenance programs are not proposed. After you`ve purchased a Citrix product, requested a product evaluation, or upgraded to a higher edition, click on the activation link in the confirmation email to get your license permissions. You can also visit My Citrix, your custom section on the Citrix website. Learn more about Citrix product licenses. Citrix Application Delivery Management mixes up to 10 Ip Virtual Address licenses for MAS licenses, both locally and in Citrix Cloud. The injury compensation provided in Section 4 of Citrix EULA for this product (published by includes coverage of open source software (as defined in Section 7), but this compensation is subject to the liability cap set out in Section 7. No event is intended to include all Aggregates Liability of Citrix, ITS AFFILIATES, SUPPLIERS, or authorized Distributors exceed the AMOUNT Paid for THE PRODUCT AND/OR MAINTENANCE TERM AT ISSUE. The Citrix licensing system consists of three components: the license server for licensing, licenses for each product you purchase, and the monitoring and measurement functions built into each product.

When an activity begins, the product requires a license from the license server. When the corresponding license is available, the license server verifies it and assigns it accordingly. The acquired service package determines your right to service. The service description contains an overview and other conditions that apply to your service: All components of the service are only granted to the same users or devices. You should not allow different users or devices for each component. Unless otherwise stated for a product, Citrix`s end-user license models are as follows: Depending on the user model, a “user” is a person authorized by you to use any device to access the service instances through your allocation of a unique user ID. Under the device model, a “device” is a device that you have authorized to use by individuals to access the service instances (locally or via a network).

User and device licenses can only be reallocated under the